Afetsi Awonoor

Afetsi Awonoor. An entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer. A lover of words, Afetsi aims to promote African literature to further solidify its place on the global scale. He’s passionate about giving aspiring writers a place to harness, grow and showcase their art, bridging the gap between the seasoned African writers and developing artists. An ambition birthed from some of the last words of Prof. Kofi Awoonor “Weave new ropes, where the old ones left off”.

An avid speaker with extensive skill in the fields of oil and gas, business development and defense tech solutions, with over a decade’s experience in both public and private sectors across Africa. Afetsi holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc) from Central University Ghana and a Master’s in Oil and Gas management from the Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland. He also holds certification in Result Based M&E Project Management from University of Witwatersrand and Strategic CSR form University of Pennsylvania.

Afetsi is an active member of the Association of international petroleum negotiators (AIPN), a director in Storymoja Literary festival, Ghana and a member of the Shared Value Africa Council of 8.