Eugene Yakubu

Eugene Yakubu is a storyteller and cultural critic who lives and writes from Nigeria. He loves coffee and books and the twilight glow of the African sky. He spends his time staring at the world from his window, living in his soul and wondering where the sun goes to at night, as should all right-thinking people do. He is best known for writing stories that will guarantee him time in jail, essays and non-fiction on non-normative identities, fluid gender roles and human rights. He is running a graduate research on Queer Studies and LGBTI narratives in African literature at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. His nonfiction This Hell of a Body has been shortlisted for the Gerald Kraak Award 2019. If he isn’t writing a review, he is probably dreaming of sitting on the same table with Toni Morrison and Obama and eating cake.