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  • Hilda Twongyeirwe

    Twongyeirwe Hilda hails from Kacerere near Lake Bunyonyi. She is the Executive Director of FEMRITE -Uganda Women Writers Association. She is a recipient of a National Medal for her contribution to Uganda’s Literary Heritage and Women Emancipation, a Recognition Award from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and the Art and Culture Women for Women Awards 2018. She […]

  • Obinna Jones

    Obinna Jones. Nigerian. Sadly adult. Studying Physics at Imo State University, Owerri. Writes, reads and stalks Facebook celebrities. Has a dream of winning a Nobel prize in Physics or literature or both. Has works of fiction on elsieisy’s blog and sidomexentertainment’s blog.

  • Mali Kambandu

    Mali Kambandu lives in Lusaka, Zambia, with her husband and two children. Mali’s writing influences are Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, but her most cherished book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. While storytelling came early for her, she didn’t write for pleasure until after university at Juniata College, though the writing courses she took there certainly […]

  • Mbogo Ireri

    Mbogo Ireri is 38 years old and was born in Embu, Kenya. He lives in Nairobi with his wife and son (although currently he is away on a short job contract in Doha, Qatar). He wrote his first short story, when he was 18 and it was published by BBC Focus on Africa Magazine in 1999. He is a […]

  • Karis Onyemenam

    Karis Onyemenam is a poet, writer and freelance photographer. Her short story was recently published in the inaugural issue of FLY zine, an online magazine that curates the experiences of women and non-binary people of colour at the University of Cambridge. Her Koffi Addo submission is part of a broader project that explores conflicting identities and the immigrant experience.

  • Ope Adedeji

    Ope Adedeji dreams about a lot of things but most especially about bridging the gender equality gap and destroying the patriarchy. She is an intellectual property lawyer and currently, the Managing Editor of Ouida Books. Her work has appeared on Arts and Africa, Afreada and the Kalahari Review. If you do not find her reading a book, you would […]

  • Chisanga Mukuka

    Originally from Zambia, Chisanga Mukuka was raised in Lesotho before moving to Cape Town, South Africa, where she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Media Theory & Practice at the University of Cape Town. She has always had a love for words and literature and recently took steps towards developing her own writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

  • Taban Lo Liyong

    Taban Lo Liyong is a prolific poet, critic, novelist, and short-story writer of South-Sudanese and Ugandan heritage. An alumna of National Teacher’s College, Kampala, Howard University, Washington and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, he has taught at universities in Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Japan. His works include Franz Fanon’s Uneven Ribs, Carrying Knowledge Up a Palm Tree, […]

  • Jama Musse Jama

    Dr. Jama Musse Jama is an ethnomathematician, holds a PhD in African Studies specializing in Computational Linguistics of African Languages, and has authored and edited numerous books. He is also well known for his research on traditional African games and their possible use within formal education. A cultural activist, historical researcher and a preserver of […]

  • Afetsi Awoonor

    An entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer, a lover of words Afetsi aims to promote Ghanaian and African literature to further solidify its place on the global scale. He’s passionate about giving aspiring writers a place to harness, grow and showcase their art, bringing the gap between the seasoned African legends and millennial. An ambition birth from […]