Bloggers Happy Hour



When: Thursday 6 pm
Where: The Square Place, Terrace


The Uganda Blogging Community (UgBloc) presents an evening of games, fun and drinks.



UgBloc is a shared initiative of bloggers in Uganda to improve the blogging and overall social media sphere in the country.

The Community seeks to make blogging in Uganda and its diaspora richer, more organised, and more appealing to readers both home and abroad.

Drop by their home.  It’s a reference point for politics, history, economy, fashion, entertainment and a lot more.


That’s not all they do.


Sometimes they meet for a (few) drink(s) and things get really interesting.

They want you to join them for this usually exclusive gathering.


Guest Appearances

Bernard Opolot, Joel Ntwatwa, Roland Niwagaba, Esther Mirembe, Rogers Balamaga, Pearl Hhmph, Olive Nakiyemba


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