Nathan Suhr-Sytsma


Nathan Suhr-Sytsma is assistant professor of English at Emory University, Atlanta, USA, where he also serves as Interim Director of the Institute of African Studies and the faculty point person for Irish Studies at Emory. He was a co-convener of the 2016 African Literature Association conference in Atlanta. His book, Poetry, Print, and the Making of Postcolonial Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2017), reveals an intriguing history of relationships among poets and editors from Ireland and Nigeria, as well as Britain and the Caribbean, during the mid-twentieth-century era of decolonization. With Jeanne-Marie Jackson, he co-edited a special section of Research in African Literatures 48:2 (Summer 2017) on religion, secularity, and African writing. He is currently working on essays about African literary prizes, literary publishing in Nigeria, and contemporary African poetry. He is an occasional contributor to Africa in Words and is excited to be attending Writivism for the first time.

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