Salooni Panel On African Beauty Politics

When: Thursday 4 pm
Where: The Square Place

Salooni, the Ugandan pop-up hair salon and art installation that explores the politics woven through and straightened out of black hair, will be at the Writivism Festival August 17th – 19th 2017 in Kampala. Salooni is a multidisciplinary art project that posits black hair practices as systems of knowledge through which culture and survivalist strategies are passed from generation to generation. Our work has traveled to La Ba Arts Festival, Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Nyege Nyege International Music Festival, the East African Soul Train, the exhibition “Being Her(e): Meditations of African Femininities” and Africa Utopia.

We invite you to participate in a panel at Writivism hosted by Kampire Bahana and Darlyne Komukama of The Salooni project, to consider the politics of African beauty. We hope to shed light, during the panel, on the ways in which African women have been represented, misrepresented and presented ourselves in public and the media.

Image copyright: The Salooni, photographer: Darlyne Komukama


Kampire Bahana, Darlyne Komukama, Kemiyondo Coutinho, Josephine Karungi

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