Shirraz Batanda

Batanda Murray Shiraz born in1988, Kampala, Uganda, aka the BlackPoet is a spoken word artist, coach and professional mixologist. He is co-founder and co-Director of Openmic Uganda, a monthly poetry show. He is also founder and creative director of the Teen Poetry Slam Ug, a high school poetry competition in Uganda. He can’t quite remember when he started writing but he recalls starting to perform poetry at the Bonfire, a poetry society that was held at the National Theater in 2009. He is no stranger to stage, as he has performed on several platforms including; Open Mic’s monthly shows, Bayimba International Festival, Nyenge Nyege, Laba Art Festival, Poetry In Session, Babishai Festival, Milege world Music Festival and many more. Besides that, he has written over 50 poems, and he has taken on coaching the art of spoken word poetry in high schools and he is definitely a great guy.


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